How to install VMware ESXi 4.0

I am fairly new to VMware ESXi but found the installation process very straight forward.  For anyone else just starting out here is a quick guide to getting ESXi 4.0 installed and configured on your server.  The ISO can be downloaded from

Before starting, I’d recommend checking that the server hardware is compatible and download any custom drivers if required.  The server will also need an IP address.

1.    Power on the server and boot from the CD
2.    At the welcome screen press Enter
3.    Press F11 to accept the license agreement
4.    Choose a disk to use for installation and press Enter (all data on this disk will be lost!)
5.    Press F11 to begin installation

ESXi will now install

6.    Remove the CD and press Enter to reboot
7.    When the server has started press F2 to customise the system
8.    Select Configure Password and press Enter
9.    Enter the new root password and press Enter
10.    Select Configure Management Network and press Enter
11.    Choose IP Configuration and press Enter
12.    Choose Set Static IP Address and press Space
13.    Enter the relevant IP, Subnet mask and gateway then press Enter
14.    Select DNS Configuration and press Enter
15.    Enter DNS servers and hostname and press Enter
16.    Press ESC and choose Yes to apply changes

In order to manage the server, and create virtual machines, the vSphere client needs to be downloaded and installed.  This can be downloaded from the ESXi server using a web browser – just open up the server IP, such as

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