vSphere Web Client – You’ll need a new app to open this VMware-csd


While logging in to a vSphere Web Client (version 6.0) I received the following message:

“Do you want to allow this website to open an application on your computer?”


After clicking Allow the following message appeared:

"You'll need a new app to open this wmware-csd"


I am using Internet Explorer 11.447.14393.0 on a Windows 10 workstation.  As suggested on the vSphere Web Client Software Requirements page I am using a supported browser which already has the Adobe Flash Player integrated.

I was able to resolve this by installing the Client Integration Plug-in:

  1. Log in to the vSphere Web Client
  2. From the Help menu choose About VMware vSphere
  3. Click the Download the Client Integration Plug-in link


  4. Follow the wizard to install the plug-in
  5. Restart the browser

Now I receive the following message, but I have unchecked the box to stop asking so it just logs straight in:


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