Create a new vApp using the vSphere Web Client

Today I am creating a new vApp in my lab environment for Microsoft Exchange 2016.  It will consist of one domain controller and two Exchange servers.

Note: Before creating a new vApp you need to ensure that DRS is enabled on the cluster

Here are the steps to create a new vApp using the vSphere Web Client:

  1. Log in to the vSphere Web Client
  2. Right-click on the appropriate cluster or folder and choose New vApp and then New vApp…
  3. Choose Create a new vApp and click Next
  4. Select the desired cluster, host or resource pool and click Next
  5. Enter a name for the vApp and click Next
  6. Configure the resource allocation as required and click Next
  7. Click Finish

Now the vApp has been created I can populate it by either dragging existing VMs onto it in the Navigator pane or right-click on the vApp and select New Virtual Machine to create a new VM directly inside the vApp.

To configure the vApp I can right-click on it and choose Edit Settings.

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